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Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Cookie Cutter

Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Cookie Cutter, Embosser, Debosser - Make Fun and Detailed Dinosaur Cookies

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Are you a cookie baker looking to create some fun and unique dinosaur-themed cookies? Our Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Cookie Cutter, Embosser, and Debosser will help you bring your cookies to life with intricate designs and details.

Our dinosaur skeleton fossil cookie cutter is perfect for creating the shape of a dinosaur skeleton. With the addition of our embosser and debosser, you can add even more excitement to your cookies. Use the debosser to create raised designs on your fondant cookies, or use the embosser to impress the design into your dough or fondant. The embosser is made from strong food grade PLA plus and has a handle attached for easy use.

Our cookie cutter is made from the same strong food grade PLA plus material, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting. You can buy our cookie cutter, embosser, and debosser individually or in a combo, depending on your specific needs.

The debosser and acrylic stamp are made from food grade Perspex acrylic, with the debosser featuring very detailed engravings that will make your dinosaur skeleton cookies stand out. The acrylic embosser can provide a detailed imprint that will impress your friends and family.

Whether you're a professional baker or simply love to make cookies at home, our Dinosaur Skeleton Fossil Cookie Cutter, Embosser, and Debosser are perfect for adding creativity and excitement to your dinosaur-themed cookies. Purchase yours today and start creating fun and detailed dinosaur cookies that will be sure to impress.

Please refer to this link below for more info about the differences of stamps and materials:

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- Embosser: Made in PLA+. To impress details into the fondant.
- Acrylic Embosser: Embosser made in Perspex Acrylic.
- 3D Raised stamp / Debossser: Made in Perspex Acrylic Square Sheet. To raise details onto the fondant.
- Stamps with Matching Cutter: Stamp with cutter that matches the stamp details. If you want to use it with other shapes (ex: round, arch, etc.), please visit Shapes and Plaques collection.
3D Raised stamp: You will need to apply very firm pressure when using the stamp, and press evenly over the entire stamp. We use cornflour on the stamp to ensure that the design doesn't stick once it has been pressed.
- High quality eco PLA Plus: a non-toxic, biodegradable plastic derived from renewable biomass. Eco PLA is composed of safe ingredients that can come into contact with food products.
- High quality Perspex acrylic: the design is able to be seen on your cookie.
- Storage and handling: Store away from heat or direct sunlight. Keep in cool and dry place. DO NOT contact with heat. DO NOT put in microwave or oven.
- Washing: DO NOT use a dishwasher as the cookie cutter will soften and lose its shape. Hand-wash only with soapy warm water. Using a soft brush to clean small corners.



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