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Celebrate the start of the new year with 3dcrafx collection of cookie cutters, embossers, and debossers. Our high-quality cookie tools are perfect for creating beautiful and unique New Year-themed cookies that will be sure to impress your loved ones and your friends.

All our cookie cutters and embossers are made from strong food-grade PLA plus, ensuring durability and longevity for repeated use. You can buy individual cutters, embossers, or debossers, or purchase them in a combo to provide you with everything you need to create the perfect New Year treats.

Our embossers and acrylic embossers come with a handle attached for easy use, making it simple to create intricate designs on your cookies. The debosser is carefully engraved to provide the most detailed raised designs, ensuring that every cookie is unique and special. Our acrylic embosser is perfect for providing even more detailed imprints, adding that extra wow factor to your cookies.

3dcrafx New Year collection includes a range of designs that are perfect for celebrating the special holiday. Whether you're looking for champagne bottle, celebration quotes, or fireworks, we have the perfect design to match your theme. These tools are not only functional but also add a touch of fun to your baking process.

New Year Cookie Cutters (3)